Amstel restaurant

Combining high quality and casual comfort

Nestled along the historic banks of the Amstel River, the Amstel Restaurant is a tale of culinary heritage meeting seasonal modernity. Rooted in authenticity, the menu narrates a vibrant story of flavours with Mediterranean comfort classics being its base and owning one of the most extensive wine lists in the city.


At the heart of the Amstel Restaurant lies a commitment to unparalleled dining experiences. Here, exceptional and personalized attention is seamlessly woven into the fabric of the dining experience, ensuring that every guest feels not just attended to, but genuinely cared for. 

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Afternoon Tea in Amsterdam has evolved into one of the most popular concepts in recent years. Without a doubt, this is the perfect gift for your mother, your best friend or to impress your loved one. But to experience Afternoon Tea in the Amstel Hotel is simply something different…


With the sun on your skin and the sound of the Amstel River in the background, can you imagine a better place to enjoy your favorite drink than on the terraces of the Amstel Hotel? After sunset, enjoy long summer evenings outside or join us inside, in one of Amsterdam’s best-kept secrets…