Amsterdam Light Festival


For the 20th time, the Amsterdam Light Festival will provide the most beautiful lighting in and along the canals of Amsterdam Centre-East. This year’s theme is Imagine Beyond, where everyone will use their imagination when viewing the artworks.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Because life and the world are changing rapidly, every year the festival is themed with extraordinary light sculptures that illuminate the world. With the theme centred on imagination, we can transcend the here and now to imagine the world as we want it to be. Look through the light and let your imagination run wild

Artworks come by in all shapes and sizes. This year there are as many as 20 displayed along the Amstel River, from 1 December until 22 January 2023, the lights will be on daily from 5pm, until 11pm.  Seeing the festival itself can be done through a (guided) walking route, but of course you can also see it from the water from a canal boat. Let the skipper tell you all the background stories about the works, or read it for yourself in the booklet you get.

Vendel & De Wolf

The artwork displayed in front of the Amstel Hotel is a work by artists Vendel & De Wolf. For them, it is the fourth edition that they are participating in the Light Festival, this time with their work called ‘Sign’. It represents an open fire and it rises up to six metres into the air. The spectacular orange, red flames illuminate the hotel beautifully.

No doubt you will feast your eyes during a visit!

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