The Amstel Hotel

'The Grand Dutch Residence': experience the magic of the Amstel Hotel'

The Amstel Hotel is a five-star hotel, characterized by a rich history of genuine hospitality and exceptional luxury. The hotel, with its unique location on the Amstel, received its first guests in 1867 and has since been known for its majestic appearance and homely warmth ever since. 

A True Original

Celebrate the one-off craftmanship, the unique folklore and the 150 years of royalty-approved service that makes this hotel irreplaceable: a true one off.


For the ultimate holiday feeling, there is no need to go abroad. Experience refined luxury and ultimate hospitality in the iconic Amstel Hotel. Get together with friends, family, or your loved one and enjoy a well-deserved city trip in your own country. Imagine yourself far away, while overlooking the Amstel River with a beautiful glass of wine.

Restaurant & bar

At the Amstel Hotel, we would love for everyone to find something on the menu that makes their heart jump a little. As a true Amsterdam inhabitant, the Amstel Hotel proudly serves an international choice of food and drinks, with a Dutch twist. With our focus on fresh and seasonal products, we’ve picked the finest ingredients.


Along the banks of the Amstel river

The Amstel Hotel is ideally located in the heart of Amsterdam and offers a beautiful view over the Amstel river. 

Welcome to Amsterdam

“It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Amstel . The whole team is truly delighted to look after you during your stay with us, and we are more than pleased to assist you in any way.

Our beautiful terraces during the summer months are a real treat, while throughout the year our exclusive river boats outside the hotel enable our guests to tour the city’s historical canals. We happily take care of all requests and we strive to exceed your expectations.”

The Amstel Hotel Team

The GrandE Dame

Her impressive facade reflects in the shimmering water, her lions look out over the city. 

Enter through the famous revolving doors, where many greats preceded you. The imposing lobby, historic staircase, enchanting chandeliers and high ceilings make it the true “Grande Dame” of Amsterdam.



More than 150 years of elegance

One of the most iconic buildings on the banks of the Amstel river, with a design dating back to 1867, has been fully preserved and still breathes the founder’s original vision.

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“The largest, smallest rooms in Amsterdam”. And we are quite proud of that. 

Restaurant & bar

A new temporary concept, that combines high quality and casual comfort.

Health & Fitness

Aimed at providing guests with the desired physical exercise or allowing them to relax.

Meetings & EVENTS

Perfectly suitable for both business and festive events.